‚ÄčBayside Tennis Club

The best kept secret at the Bethany beaches,

where your game is played in the shade!

Shown below is the men's schedule for the summer/fall.  YOU ARE RESPONSIBLE FOR GETTING YOUR OWN SUBS.

All matches start at 9am.  If someone wishes to change the start time, please discuss this with the other players and obtain agreement in advance.  If you get a sub, please advise the other players so they know who to contact in case of inclement weather or who to call if a sub does not show up.  It is best if this is done by phone since some people do not open their email every day.  If you cannot find a sub, remember to call the other players in a timely way to cancel the match.

In the past, we have used courts 2 and 4 so the women can have the shady courts. This practice has worked well and should be continued.

People designated with an * are responsible for signing up for that day. Jack Wise has asked those people who are designated to sign up  to provide new balls.  This is Jack's request (and I understand Dennis feels the same way). This  is not a requirement as far as I am concerned.  Gently used balls (insert your own joke here) are fine.

10-1 terry*, jay, jim, trimble    
10-2 scott*, tom, vic, ben
10-3 dennis*, sandi, john, trimble
10-4 tom*, ben, gough, vic
10-5 john*, dennis, vic, trimble

10-8 trimble*, terry, dennis, scott
10-9 ben*, tom, gough, scott
10-10 sandi*, dennis, dick, trimble
10-11 vic*, ben, fox, tom