Bayside Tennis Club

The best kept secret at the Bethany beaches,

where your game is played in the shade!

Guidelines for Using the Ball Machine

1. The ball machine can only be used by Bayside members. Reserving the machine must be done via the court reservation site at

2. Use ONLY pressureless tennis balls. There are 120 Tourna brand and 6 Tretorn brand. DO NOT use regular tennis balls as they are more likely to get stuck in the machine.

3. Use only dry balls. Do not use the machine in the rain. If you are practicing and it starts to rain, please stop and return the machine to the shed as quickly as possible.

4. When you are finished your practice session, pick up all balls and return them to the shed with the machine. Also, fill out the Ball Machine Usage Chart in the shed. Pete keeps 2 hoppers of regular tennis balls in the shed for his lessons & clinics – they are NOT for use in the ball machine.

5. Make every attempt to retrieve balls that go over the fence.

6. From May 1 – October 15, the machine can only be used after 11am on weekdays. It can be used any time of day on the weekends or in the off-season. Do not use the machine if there are players on the adjacent court.

7. Children under 16 must be accompanied by an adult to use the machine.

8. Do not walk in the path of the machine while it’s in operation; balls can reach a speed of 70mph!

9. The user is responsible for any damage to the machine during its use. After using the machine, please take the external battery pack home, charge it & return it to the shed within 24 hours. 

10. First time users must contact Pete at 302-858-6999 to set up the machine for you & explain how it works. You can then contact Pete when you’re finished and he will take the battery pack home, charge it and return it to the shed. The cost for this service is $20.