Some but not all activities are listed below which have incidental costs:                                 

Monitor tree and root growth; eradicate mold, mildew, weeds, insects; maintain locks; clean, put up take/down awnings, chairs, tables; keep pavilion, nets, shed clean; manage Pete, porta-potty, grass cutting; keep blower in good running condition; orders supplies-- rollers, net hangers cleaning, etc.; put up/take down elements of socials; repair gates; help Pete with debris removal; maintain water supply for flowers and cleaning purposes; maintain shed and keep organized.                                                                                                                            


Considering how long it took to compile this chronological account of where the club's money has been spent, I would say we have achieved a lot. My estimate is that our cash position is within $10k of where we were in the fall of 2014. Without volunteers and Pete's unique position, much of what gets done would not be possible.



NEW STORAGE SHED  Club was sharing a old metal shipping container with Middlesex Beach located across tax ditch on their property. The container was dirty, greasy, full of spiders and many other insects. It was difficult to access at times as the development changed locks. It was difficult to open and close door due to a double levered locking system while usually standing in water. Our entrance door often had Middlesex Beach property stacked in front.

The Board unanimously approved a shed for our property. The new shed is an Amish built 8'x12' wood (T1-11) with asphalt shingles. Stored in shed: tables, chairs, screens, awnings, ball machine, ball hoppers, ladder, signs, First-Aid kit, rollers, brooms and other property for socials. Water for flowers and general use is also kept there.

With the help of Tom Keeley, the pavilion was painted to match shed
COST--$2600  cost to paint pavilion $0


Court Repair  Major cracks were causing safety concerns as well as an appearance factor. After many quotes and discussions with tennis court builders, we choose Sport Builders to do a  Surface Repair and Color Coating makeover on courts 1&2. Some roots had grown under courts and had to be removed. The process was professional and the courts looked magnificent.


NEW GREEN BANNER   24"x54"  replaced old blue banner which was worn out and didn't have website URL. It was originally placed on lower part of old street sign. Now it is placed on posts on the West end of property and is visible to Eastbound traffic on Kent Ave.  (seasonal)

COST--  $92 

NEW LOGO BUMPER STICKERS  This is an inexpensive, long lasting mobile club impression.                                                COST-- $176 for 150 (plus 50 free)    

COURT NUMBERS  1,2,3,4  Surprisingly easy way to number courts. Eliminates confusion for new members and guests. 

NEW STREET SIGN  replaced old wooden sign/attached banner with 36"x60" metal, solid core, vinyl process ink, cold lamination-matte finish. Club name and website are clearly visible from Kent Ave.                                                                           COST--$586      

NEW FRONT WINDSCREENS  Old screens were falling apart and had rips where secured to fence due to lack of reinforced grommets.

COST--$357 for (2) 51' sections 

NEW LOGO SCREEN    Located on far left front of court 1 we placed a 6'x16' screen with large white letters BAYSIDE TENNIS CLUB est. 1974 which can be easily seen by westbound traffic on Kent Ave. This in combination with new Street sign has greatly improved Club's visibility.

COST-- $547 

New Court Side Benches. The wooden benches were falling apart and produced splinters. We replaced all 4 courts with Green polyethylene benches with backs.

COST--$660 for 4 

From Jim Dudley, Vice President     10/24/2018 

In the fall of 2014, I was asked to become Facilities Manager of Bayside.  My first reaction was "Oh my!" I saw a facility that needed a makeover but with much potential and the greatest members. That fall we formed a committee consisting of Jim Dudley, Dick Fox, Dennis Roberts, and Jay Clark. Below are areas we discussed and how and when they were addressed:


Pavilion was of need of structural repair. We also agreed more seating was needed for membership meetings, socials, and other events. An open addition was added as a west wing with a service table. Benches were added on the West and East side of existing structure. Also added was a privacy area for trash and recycling. Dennis Roberts was chief architect with input from all. The work was done by Paul J. Elliott in a timely manner, reasonable cost, and brilliant workmanship.


Drainage Mitigation/Stone Overlay was a priority as flood waters were backing up and spilling on courts leaving muddy residue. Also the entrance and walk way to courts 3&4 were bare (no stones) remaining muddy long after the rains. Drainage problems are a given in the area but grading and top dressing with 1-1/2” grey stone has helped.   While we still have some flooding after heavy rains, it drains much faster and mud doesn't leach onto courts. Also walk areas are mud free. Michael McCarthy was contractor and did a reasonable job.


Bayside Tennis Club

The best kept secret at the Bethany beaches,

where your game is played in the shade!

FALL 2016

TREE TRIMMING/ROOT PRUNING. As mentioned roots had to be removed before contractor could repair courts. This was caused by the absence of any recent root pruning. Our Contractor, Sussex Tree, performed a 23" deep cut on total perimeter of courts.  Upper tree trimming was overdue and this was done. While root pruning behind courts 3&4, Sussex made several extra passes and thus we got a free ditch which has helped reduce water settlement on the back of courts  which created mold and other slime.  Excellent job. Price was very reasonable.

COST-- $1800 


NEW BLUE STRIPE AWNINGS  Old awnings were torn, faded and rotting
COST--$440 for 2     

NEW COURT NETS (2)  Old nets were stained, vinyl ripped on top and generally worn out
COST $318 FOR 2