Bayside Tennis Club

The best kept secret at the Bethany beaches,

where your game is played in the shade!

From Terry Gilbert​, 11/20/18

Belonging to the “Tiny Bladder Brigade” I suspect I was out of the room when tasks were handed out at the last board meeting.  Added to that, I’m the new kid on the block.  The upshot of this is that I’ll be trying my hand at a newsletter. The courts are not currently a bee hive of activity since most of our membership is either indoors or in Florida so, for the moment, happenings will take a back seat to plans. Be patient with me as I am a recovering engineer and I’m only on step 3.02.4 of a 9.6 step recovery. (engineer humor)

I’ve setup an email account for this endeavor so you folks can let me know if something or someone needs attention and I’ll publish whenever it’s warranted. This will have to be disseminated by email to protect the privacy of people mentioned.

But first, how I got here.

Nestled beneath the trees, we wouldn’t have known about the club were it not for Dick Peoples and the Foremans. No phone number, just a P.O. Box number on the sign like clues in a scavenger hunt or a dead drop in a spy novel. There was a conspiratorial air between us. We had found four courts, two of which played much like Har-Tru at a bargain basement price. Imagine our luck.

Aletha and I joined Bayside in 2012 as seasonal members because we needed a place to “hit around” before I went to work all winter. We had been going to a public court on 136th street in Ocean City but this was way better. If the temperature reaches 40 degrees by 9 AM we’re game. Sheltered from all but the worst winds and a stone’s throw from home we played 4 or 5 days a week all winter. We just put on about three layers and remove outer garments as we warm up.  Sometimes we wear bullseyes and try to make each other flinch at the net. The only way we can keep an edge on what is rapidly becoming a dull knife is constant practice. Two years later we were so taken with the club that we put up the balance of our equity contribution. This is no mean feat as I am a bit of a tightwad.

Aletha and I joined the organized schedules and we’ve enjoyed the play and the bonhomie. Just one reason this club has such great participation is the tireless work of people like Nancy Kaufmann and Dick Fox who through scheduling, make sure everyone has a game. The socials are great for getting to know the other members both veteran and new. I’ve never belonged to a club with a membership that was more tightly knit.

Since joining, the dues have increased nominally, but look at the improvements! I asked Jim Dudley for a list of improvements made by year so that I might not insult all the volunteers whose hard work made most of them possible on a budget.  I was astounded by the treatise I received. The following is a bare list of upgrades and maintenance.


Carpet on 3 and 4 rolled back and roots trimmed before patching. All four courts refinished, color changed from red and green to “Bayside Blue”.


            Pavilion maintenance and expansion

            Drainage mitigation and installation of stone walkways


            Court repair and refinishing

            Benches, front windscreens, Logo screens, New Banner

            Bumper stickers, new court numbers

            Tree Trimming, Root pruning


            New Awning covers, 2 new nets

            New street sign


            Storage shed

            Ball machine

Sandi has published Jim’s complete list of improvements on the club website with photos. I’m not sure all of the membership has a full appreciation of the efforts of a few dedicated individuals.

Please shoot me an email if you have ideas or direction for this space.