Bayside Tennis Club

The best kept secret at the Bethany beaches,

where your game is played in the shade!

Well​​, the time is almost nigh. The weather has certainly changed, the forsythia is in bloom, crocus are up and daffodils are clear signs of hope. I realize that most of you aren’t ready for outdoor courts every day, especially those still hailing from south Florida. Aletha and I are just glad that we’re down to two layers when we play. As a side note, the courts are in much better shape at least cosmetically than some previous springs as a benefit of Pete’s occasional cleanings over the winter.

Bayside Past President Scott Breininger and his bride Jean have sold their South Bethany home. I understand that they are scouting for another place hereabouts. I don’t know Scott well but I’ve enjoyed playing doubles with him and I know the club has benefited from his participation. Let’s hope he stays in the area. I believe Dick Fox has assumed Scott’s chair as Past President.

Dates to remember:
Court cleanup                     April 27th at 9:00
Membership Meeting       May 25th at 8:30am

                                            Open House 10am - Noon
Socials                                   June 14 & July 19
End of Season Picnic         August 24
Membership Meeting       August 31

The aforementioned open house after the membership meeting will be advertised and we’re hoping we can attract some new faces with “Fast Start” tennis for the little shavers. I’ll help with a couple junior lessons. Maybe I can interest Pete in lending a hand for an hour. Remember, we are all recruiters for Bayside Tennis Club. Most communities have a court or two that are unused because there is no one to hit with. We attract folks from those communities because of our inclusive ladies and men’s play. We’ll make openings if you think someone may join.

This month I had the pleasure of sitting down with one of our tireless volunteers, Marie McIntosh, who is also a member of the board and our recording secretary.
Terry:  Is tennis your favorite sport?

Marie:  My favorite sport is actually cycling.  I started to play tennis, though, in my 20s and enjoyed the sport, although I only played a few times during the summers.

Terry:  How did you wind up joining Bayside?

Marie:  When I first had a home in Bethany area, I did not know anyone so I decided to join Bayside so that I could play tennis and meet new friends. I joined Bayside, I think, in 1997ish.

 Terry:  What one thing would you tell us that we probably don’t know about about your Special Olympics work?

Marie:  My sweet mom was an incredible example in that she felt as immigrants we had to give back to a country which had been so accepting of us.  So she made us volunteer for senior homes, etc.  Then as a special education teacher since 1969, I wanted to do something to become involved with my students so Special Olympics was the obvious choice.  At the time, I was a swimming coach so I began to work with students in swimming.  I then became involved with Special Olympics Delaware and so it began!

Terry:  Did you volunteer for the board or like me, is this part of court ordered community service?

Marie:  I volunteered for the board, like you, as part of a court ordered    community service. Seriously, Sue McMillan had been doing it for years and asked me just to do it for one year – HA!

Marie:  Special Olympics tennis began at Bayside about 9/10 years ago. There were only 5 athletes at that time and every summer, until I retired, we played tennis.  As the years progressed, more and more athletes were in the area.  I ran into them at supermarkets, and badgered them to come play tennis with us.  So the numbers grew and now we have 15 and a myriad of volunteers.

Terry:   Is there some concrete way Bayside could help?

Marie:   Bayside has been most accommodating in allowing us to use the courts each summer.  Our athletes and parents like it there as the venue provides shade for the parents, who like to watch what we are doing with their children.

Terry:   And finally, am I the neatest person to ever interview you?  And go ahead, be brutal?

Marie:   Yes, you are, without a doubt, the neatest person who has ever interviewed me.  I can’t think of one brutal comment regarding you.  Thanks for all you do for the club.  It is members like you who keep it positive and upbeat!

Never let it be said that I am too proud to shamelessly troll for compliments. I hope to see all of you at the membership meeting in May. Until then, I’ll see some of you on the courts.