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Wednesday, January 9, 2019

Tuesday, on a business trip with the dog in the back yard, I noticed the daffodils have begun to poke through. This got me thinking about the coming spring, and what gives me hope that there will BE a spring. For some folks it’s the first crocus blooms. It could be the returning snowbirds. For parents of school age children, it’s the harrowing thought of another round of Spring concerts. Parents of juniors and seniors will be debating the merits and wisdom of Spring break in Cancun. OJ used to expand the search for the real killer to golf courses in Canada in Spring. Teaching pros north of the Mason Dixon line will start warming up their mantra, “Watch the ball. Bend your knees. That’ll be $70 please.” Those south of the line will continue asking their clinics, “Didn’t you practice at all since you left here in the Spring?”

For me however, the first promise of Spring is brought on by either a dues letter or an invite to doubles play for the summer. Since I received such a missive from that workhorse Dick Fox, I feel justified in starting my Spring warmup exercises. I’ll go by the gym, but as usual, I won’t stop in. No, my preseason routine takes a different, but tried and true form.

I’ll sort through my tennis socks and relegate those that make my ankles look like a stack of dixie cups to vehicle waxing mitts. Aletha will open the Post to the stock quotes and lay my tennis shirts over them. If she can read the closing prices, I’m forbidden to wear them when we play mixed. I’ll assess my favorite shoes and see how many layers of Shoe Goo I’ve applied and worn through in a vain attempt to extend their usefulness.

My largest arrogance will be to restring both of my racquets as if I could actually blame either racquet or worn strings for a missed ball when there are at least eight better explanations.

If any of you have any springtime magic ablutions or superstitions you use to rev yourself up for the coming season that are stranger than mine, please send them to:

If you have any issues that would benefit from club wide discussion please send them along as well.

Till next time, your humble scribe,